How do I avoid extended lead-times in Post Brexit/COVID UK?

What is lead time?

The time it takes for a process from start to finish is often referred to as lead time. When it comes to roller blinds, this is the time between you as a customer placing an order and the finished product being delivered.

Key factors that influence lead time

With roller blind production the main two components that affect lead times are the fabric and the aluminium. With unfortunate complications due to covid, Aluminium demand is at an all time high. Container shipping, which is at the heart of global supply networks, is straining to keep up with demand and overcome workforce interruptions caused by Covid outbreaks. Worker shortages at factories and a shortfall of truck drivers to distribute the metal that is available are complicating issues in the aluminium business.

When it comes to the fabrics, these often originate from Asia . Due to supply chain issues because of Covid-19, it can take 2-3 times longer than usual to order fabrics from outside of the UK. Many companies, like Buroshade, have substantially increased back stock to help avoid these delays.

What can you do to help avoid extended delays?

Time is the most precious commodity here. You can not get too far ahead of the game.

As soon as you have a commitment for a project, even if you only have approximate sizes. Contact your supplier and get the order in place so they can set stocks of raw material aside for you. Once this is sorted, you can rest assured you are in a good position to impress your customer with a seamless project delivery and avoid those contractual penalties.

What are Buroshade’s lead times?

We recognise the importance of providing a set delivery date that is guaranteed. This means you can plan your fitters schedule ahead, with confidence that delivery dates will not change.

Buroshade standard lead time is between 5 – 10 working days. It is important to mention that this lead time also applies to our more technical products such as the TR85 (heavy duty tension roller used for large horizontal roof lights/bottom-up applications).

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