Introducing the R400 System.

A true commercial grade mechanism that gives your business a competitive edge.

Discover the Difference. Wear-resistant Steel Core.

Wear-resistant “Steel Core” means the centre shaft of the mechanism, the part of the clutch that stops the blind unrolling, is actually manufactured from steel.

25 Year Warranty.

The unique Wear-resistant “Steel Core” significantly increases the longevity of the R400 mechanism. We confidently offer a 25 year warranty.

Screw Cover Caps.

Sleek screw cover caps enhances the visual appearance of the finished product on site. A key benefit for architects and designers.

Screw Cover Caps

1:1.5 Gearing.

This mechanism is slightly geared which provides a much smoother and lighter operation than standard roller blinds. Particularly on larger sizes. Learn more about orbital gearing in our previous knowledge post here.

Orbital Gearing


Enables larger window openings to be split into two blinds but still be operated from a single control chain

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