Manual Roller Blinds. Ultimate guide when choosing between Chain operation vs. Crank operation. Features, Benefits & Prices.

When it comes to manual roller blinds there are two main types. Chain operated roller blinds and crank operated roller blinds. So before going ahead with your order, pros and cons need to be weighed to make sure you are ordering the right manual roller blinds for your specific needs.

On the other hand If you are looking for information and pricing on motorised roller blinds you can find our article about them by clicking HERE.

Chain Operated Roller Blinds 

Chain operated roller blinds are one of the most popular choices among our customers. There are many factors that affect the smooth operation of a roller blind. The weight of the fabric and the size of the window are two main factors that need to be considered. The aluminium barrel used in the blind and the mechanism used also helps to balance the strength of the blind so you don’t have to tug the chain with force to open or close the blind. Chain operated roller blinds are generally cheaper compared to crank operated blinds and they are quick to operate. The chain can sometimes be regarded to be more subtle than a crank so it would be best to have a look at both before making a decision.

Chain operated roller blinds are adaptable for specific usage. Chain comes in a chrome metal finish and in nylon. While the metal chain looks nicer the nylon is the stronger among the two, so it’s able to hold more weight.

Price of R300 with chain: 1.2m x 1.2m using artisan fabric with us at Buroshade – approx. £31.15

Chain Operated Roller Blind

Crank operated roller blinds

Crank roller blinds completely get rid of the chain. These blinds have a geared mechanism that you simply insert the crank into and turn to operate the blind. The crank handle can be completely removed when not in use which makes the blinds look tidier and nicer. Cranks are specially popular because you can stop others from operating the blind once you take the crank off after opening or closing the blind to your needs. Crank operated roller blinds can also lift more weight compared to chain operated blinds. (Standard crank operated roller blind with a R300 mechanism can hold up to 10kg). Crank operated rollers have  very low maintenance costs as well compared to chains because chains tend to snap if too much pressure or weight is applied than it can handle. 

Main benefit of crank operated roller blinds is that it is inherently child safe. Often crank operations are used in school or busy environments such as offices. Cranks come in handy in places where children are present because it is safer than using a chain operated roller blind since you can remove and store the crank separately out of reach of children. When choosing new blinds for your home or places where babies or small children live or visit, always look for a blind that is ‘safe by design’ such as crank operated roller blinds to avoid dangers related to chains and child play.

Price of R300 with Crank: 1.2m x 1.2m using artisan fabric with us at Buroshade – approx. £60.15

Crank operated roller blind

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