Metal Chain vs Plastic – Which is Stronger

One of the most common maintenance requirements of roller blinds in a high use workspace is the repairing/replacing of snapped control chains.  In this article we are going to share the details of each type of control chain and clarify which is stronger.

Metal Control Chain

Look & Feel:  Metal chains provide a luxury and modern look compared to the nylon plastic chains. Due to the slight higher weight of the chain it tends to hang better than the plastic chain. 

Strength:  Metal control chain is perceived to be stronger however due to the way it is made this is not necessarily the case.  Metal chain is made up of a series of small linking pieces crimped at each end inside a steel ball. 

We have carried out a pull test to demonstrate the weight each type of chain can take before it snaps.

Strength Test Result:  Metal Chain Snapped at 22kg

Nylon bead chain

Look & Feel:  Nylon chain (Also referred to as plastic chain) does not have the luxury finish of metal and is actually slightly lower cost.  When a child safety clip is used to retain the chain it improves the look of how the nylon chain hangs.  Another benefit of plastic chains is that it’s possible to specify them in a range of colours.  White is the standard but general black and grey is also an option.

Strength:  This is where the Nylon chain really scores compared to metal.  The construction is a continuous nylon cord running through the centre with plastic beads fused onto it.  This continuous nylon cord is less likely to break compared to the small linking pieces in a metal chain.

Strength Test Result:  Nylon Chain Snapped at 33kg

Result:  The pull test demonstrates that the nylon chain is 50% stronger than the metal chain.

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