What drives the cost of a Roller Blind?  How to reduce cost without compromising quality and performance?

A roller blind consists of an aluminium roller tube, control mechanism, brackets, fabric cover and an aluminium bottom weight bar. 

You can see from the pie chart below how the cost of a typical roller blinds is apportioned 

Find below a few examples of how cost can be reduced without compromising the quality.

Fabric Cover

This is the larger percentage of cost for a roller blind.  One way to potentially reduce cost is to ensure you are using the right fabric to suit your requirements.

  • Most Expensive £££ – Screen Fabric.  Provides glare control and privacy whilst still allowing natural light to pass.
  • In the Middle ££ – Blackout Fabric.  Completely blocks out light.  Only really necessary when you require a dark room during the day or a very high level of shading.  For example bedroom or Computer room/science laboratories. 
  • Lowest Cost £ – Dimout Fabric.  Offers basic shading and privacy.

You can learn more about different fabrics here.

Aluminium Tube

The roller tube is important as it carries the weight of the fabric, if it is under spec it will deflect (dip in the centre) which results in a large V shaped crease (called smiling) in the fabric cover.  Generally for commercial use a 45mm roller tube is recommended however if your blinds are only small (less than 1.5m wide) a smaller 32mm tube is perfectly suitable.  This is a good way to reduce cost and at that size it will not affect the performance of the product.

Control Mechanism

As you can see from the pie chart above the mechanism is a very small portion of the cost.  A good quality mechanism has a big effect on the performance and longevity of the roller blind.  It is not a good idea to compromise on the quality of this part to save money.  The savings will be small compared to the total cost of the blind and the potential impact on quality will be big.

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